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Kitpu First Nation


Our voices shall be heard

The Kitpu First Nation Mi'kmaq community was formed in 2004 to fill the void created by the lack of representation  by  leaders that did not represent the best interests of our people. It is a coming together of a people divided and a people who were abandoned. Our people want and deserve honest, transparent and honourable leaders that will fight for the interests of all our people.

Pjila'si (pronounced: ęp·chi·laa·si)

Since ancient times our people migrated back and forth to this area. We were here long before the Europeans invaded our shores. In 1497, in reaching Taqamkuk (pronounced tah-hum-gook and is our name for Newfoundland), Giovanni Caboto recorded that the land they had discovered was already inhabited by people. It was the Beothuk and Mi'kmaq who were well established here. Caboto was responsible for the various coastal names we know today.

We are Mi'kmaq

Many European accounts incorrectly assumed that the residents of the Port au Port Peninsula were Acadians. Most were in fact Mi'kmaw who came from what is today Nova Scotia around the Bra d'Or Lakes and from other areas of St. George's Bay. In actual fact there is a variety of written records and accounts avaiable to back this up. The truth is finally being told.